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With expanded facilities and a new visual identity, CARUSO Innovative Environmental Solutions begins the year 2020 by increasing its participation in the environmental and engineering consultancy scenario.

In recent years, CARUSO has been going through a growth phase, which has resulted in an increase in the physical space of the headquarters in Florianopolis and the expansion of its organizational structure, with the reinforcement of senior professionals in the technical and administrative areas and implementation of compliance practices. These actions aim to meet the increased demand for environmental solutions, mainly in infrastructure works throughout Brazil.

For these challenges, CARUSO has been investing heavily in technology over the last 5 years, establishing a GIS unit with professionals from various backgrounds, such as geographers, software developers, oceanographers and geologists, focused in developing new and innovative solutions aimed to provide solutions for our partners.

Among these solutions, the Environmental Management System (SGA) WebGIS (Geographic Information System online) developed at the company stands out as a success case, which allows the entrepreneur to view and monitor project activities just in time, such as: status of works and operation, field activities, environmental licenses and reports. This platform provides a managerial view of the results through dashboards, indicators and interaction with the project from anywhere in the world and through any device (smartphones, tablets, computers).

To provide information with quality and technology, CARUSO developed and made the App named IDAP, available for Android and IOS platforms, a tool designed to support everyone interested in evaluating the transmission corridors of Transmission Auction N ° 02/2019, carried out by the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL. The application provides information and democratizes access to data and technical content. The main benefit is to provide entrepreneurs with predictability and greater security in the assessment of socio-environmental risks.

CARUSO is currently developing other innovative products:

  • Management System for Environmental Licenses and Conditions - a complete project management solution, integrated with GIS, focusing on the management of deadlines and activities, risk factors, calendar visualization, expiration alerts and execution and management of users, stakeholders and groups.
  • I3A - an artificial intelligence solution for mass data production and monitoring, focusing on environmental, quantitative audits, measurement of service execution, support in legal processes, identification of hydrological features and preservation areas, detection of changes in land cover and monitoring the progress of construction.
  • GIS cell - a business line aimed at companies that have internal needs and demands for GIS services, offering a small technology center focused on Geographic Information Systems to be implemented in the client structure.

As a result of this effort, since the end of 2019, CARUSO has been winning new contracts and participating in important events in the area such as LASE 2019 and presenting its environmental solutions at the 2nd Environmental Technology and Licensing Workshop in Brasília-DF, being a finalist in the Award Excellence in Competitiveness 2019. Among the new contracts and clients, we highlight Açu Petroleo, Estaleiro Oceana, Statkraft, Taesa, Argo, Embralot, EDP, Engie, Alupar, WEG and Porto Itapoa, in the most varied demands of the environmental area.

With a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team, CARUSO strengthens its brand and expands its reach in 2020, offering smart and innovative solutions in environmental licensing, management, monitoring and inspection of projects in the energy, infrastructure, mining, port, real estate and industry sectors.


  • Alupar
  • ARGO
  • Celesc
  • CPFL
  • Engie Brasil
  • GM
  • Porto Itapoá
  • WEG
  • StatKraft
  • NeoEnergia
  • Enel
  • EDP
  • EcoRodovias
  • Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento
  • Açu Petróleo

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